What to expect

The session unfolds in dialogue with you and your experience. Through this, the healing process is supported, guided by your body's own intelligence. 

Many people find CST deeply relaxing and calming. Some can also experience more intense or challenging sensations or feelings during a session. This is normal and can happen as areas that have been holding on begin to change and release.

Many find that afterwards they recover a sense of flow, energy or ease.

CST allows the process of change to take place by meeting your body at its own pace. This pace is unique to every individual, so treatment may be quick or require several sessions. After your session, changes can occur over several days. 

What happens in a treatment session?

During your first appointment, we will discuss some medical history, your overall health at the moment, what is currently going on in your life and what you are hoping the therapy can help you with.

The session happens fully clothed on a treatment table, making gentle, non-invasive contact on different areas of your body with an attentive and non-judgmental presence.

The tide-like motions of the craniosacral system can be felt throughout the whole body and are our deepest expression of health. Craniosacral Therapists palpate these subtle rhythmic motions and invite flow where there might be places of 'stuckness' or inertia.